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Additional Benefits


New build housing is exempt from vat

No Community Infrastructure Levy

Custom and self-build housing is exempt from CIL charges

Help to Build

20% share backed by the government

Sweat Equity

The reward for your efforts

Help to Build:
Government loans to make self and custom build a reality

The Government’s Help to Build scheme reduces mortgage payments for people wanting to build their own homes – including first time buyers.

Here’s how.

1. Help to Build registered lenders can offer self and custom builders mortgages of up to 95%.

2. Between 5 – 20% of the project cost can be covered by a Help to Build loan. The money is paid to your lender once the property is built, reducing future mortgage repayments.

3. No interest is charged on the Help to Build equity loan for the first 5 years.

There are of course terms and conditions.

Our self and custom build experts will also happily take you through the details. Contact us for more information.

Jargon Buster

People directly organise the design and build of their home.

Working with a builder, developer or ‘enabler’ to deliver their home.

A home which has been completely finished and ready for you to move in.

Modern Methods of Construction.

Where the approach to building design involves maximising the performance of the components and materials that make up the building fabric itself.

A similar scheme to the Help to Buy scheme, where a 20% share of your home is backed by the government

The financial saving that your hard work has achieved.

The main difference between a self build mortgage and a traditional mortgage for house purchase is that with a self build mortgage, money is released in stages – in arrears or advance – as the build progresses, rather than as a single amount.

Small Medium Enterprise.

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Is your land suitable for Custom Homes?

We don’t build boxes.

Devon Custom Homes can help realise the value of your land by obtaining planning permission for serviced plots to deliver individual and sustainable homes that people yearn to live in.

Why sell to a volume builder? Let’s discuss your land, perhaps talk about a joint venture. We could even help build your dream home.