Your Choices

What is Self Build?

Self build projects are those in which you directly organise the design and construction of your home.

Build it yourself or employ contractors, you choose.

What is Custom Build?

For custom build projects we work together to deliver a unique and sustainable home designed to your specifications.

We provide a plot, manage the design and construction processes, help arrange finance.

We take the strain and deliver a home tailored to match your individual requirements.

Completed Home

Devon Custom Homes can also provide a turn-key home which is finished and ready to call your own.

What are the main barriers to entry and how can Devon Custom Homes help?

Our objective is to help you navigate the three main barriers to custom and self-build.

Availability of sites

We will be offering a variety of sized plots on sites in different communities across Devon and beyond.

Financing the project

Via our partners Buildstore we can offer financial advice to ensure that you fully understand your budget before you decide if the custom/self-build is for you.

Navigating the planning process

We are offering plots that have in-principle planning permission. This means that you can start building within a matter of months rather than starting the whole process from scratch, which could take many months or even years.

Serviced plots

Devon Custom Homes will support you to design and construct your new home

Our serviced plots come with a plot passport with in-principle planning permission already agreed and with access and services provided. From start to finish, we will introduce you to qualified and experienced architects and designers, they will turn your ideas into house designs and gain detailed planning approval which follows the council’s design code, ready for you to start the build process.

Affordable Homes

Devon Custom Homes can also provide smaller plots to promote more modest homes that are ‘affordable by design’

Clever designs built around individuals and family living requirements will enable smaller homes, which are more economical to build, heat, light and maintain.

Building towards zero carbon living

Devon Custom Homes will provide access to specialists to help you make informed choices on building to zero carbon standards

We have a range of solutions and experts to help achieve zero carbon living

Traditionally, custom and self-builders aim to live in their homes for the long -term and invest to a higher environmental standard. Moving forward with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), where a ‘fabric first’ approach to materials is going to become the norm, they are set to drive the standards towards zero carbon living.

All homes will provide vehicle/bike charging options.

Placemaking for the future

Devon Custom Homes can help create sustainable communities which respect the local green environment

  • Devon Custom Homes creates sustainable communities which respect the environment
  • We work with the local character, while promoting contemporary, sustainably designed homes
  • Our schemes work in harmony with nature by conserving habitats and enhancing biodiversity
  • We work with the community, reflecting the needs and aspirations of stakeholders
  • We use strong design principles that will stand the test of time and provide high quality living environments
  • Pedestrians and cyclists will have priority over vehicles within safe environments