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CUSTOM and self build projects require the backing of financial experts who know the sector and want to see it thrive

We do not hesitate to recommend Buildstore as your best means of securing the mortgage that works best for you.

Established in 1998, BuildStore is the UK’s leading supplier of support and services for individual homebuilders.

They have a range of tools and calculators that aim to make the most of your money, plus access to the lenders wanting to finance your project.

Buildstore offers a FREE review offering tailored advice to help make your dream become a reality

Visit and see how your journey can get under way.

Help to build

Help to Build: Government loans to make self and custom build a reality

The Government’s Help to Build scheme reduces mortgage payments for people wanting to build their own homes – anyone can take advantage including first time buyers.

Here’s how.

1. Help to Build registered lenders can offer self and custom builders mortgages of up to 95%.

2. Between 5 – 20% of the project cost can be covered by a Help to Build loan. The money is paid to your lender once the property is built, reducing future mortgage repayments.

3. No interest is charged on the Help to Build equity loan for the first 5 years.

There are of course terms and conditions.

Our self and custom build expert, Jeremy Christophers, will also happily take you through the details.

Call him on 07951-010-835 and find out more.

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